2016 Teen Rules

Teen Summer Reading Program 2016
Program runs June 14-July 22
For ages 13-18

Tiered Giveaway:
Books OR Graphic Novels; cannot be combined for prizes
· 5 Books or 15 Graphic Novels – Candy Bar (All Teens)
· 10 Books or 30 Graphic Novels – Movie (First 25 Teens)
· 15 Books or 45 Graphic Novels—Sports Bag (First 20 Teens)
· 20 Books or 60 Graphic Novels – $5 Starbucks Card (First 15 Teens)
· 30 Books or 90 Graphic Novels – $ 10 Comic Book Store Card (First 10 Teens)
· 40 Books or 120 Graphic Novels – $15 Office Depot Card  (First 7 Teens)
· 50 Books or 150 Graphic Novels – $20 Target Card (First 5 Teens)

Personal Prize:
First THREE teens to read all the books on the Bingo Card will win a Samsung 4Tab. To “black out” the Bingo Card, teens will write a short summary of the book on the back of the card.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Young boy learns he is a famous wizard and goes to boarding school. 

Program Related Prizes:
· Attend the Most Total Programs (12 possible) ($20 Amazon Gift Card)
· Attend the Most Movie Programs (6 Possible) ($20 Regal Gift Card)

** All books must be from the Adult or Young Adult Sections.
Exceptions are Percy Jackson, The Lost Olympians, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Rangers Apprentice

***All Graphic Novels must be from the Adult or Young Adult sections